dan sandler

What is Design Thinking?

I've seen this a bit of this lately. If you want to know what its about, I'm not going to go into much detail here but here is a link to it on Wikipedia. I watched the videos, heard the mutterings in hallways, meetings and read references in other articles. To me the reality of it is it's something that many of us already do. It can also be used for more than just design. Whether its creating an application, making dinner or a carefully crafted meme, the process is actually generic enough to work anywhere.

All the fancy Design Thinking graphics I've seen usually display a near linear process. I wish thoughts could be that process oriented. When I looked over the steps I realized that I usually go through one or more at once.

| Empathizing, defining and brainstorming all at the same time

 Even though there doesn't have to be much of a linear order for all the "thinking" involved, I still find the concept helpful. It lays out a framework we can either choose to follow, follow closely or not at all; hello Agile. Frameworks of thought come in handy when you've hit a mental bock. Review the graphic of choice, identify which part of the process you might be stuck on and get back on track.

Maybe next time you're writing an epic email or making a sandwich, try applying Design Thinking.

The links below are from my favorite series of videos for Design Thinking by DevTips:

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