dan sandler

Meeting Room Chairs

     Did you ever find yourself waiting for a meeting room to open up? Standing outside the room you can see through the window ever chair is occupied. Five minutes, two minutes, one minute the current occupants file out so you and your group can move in. There is one issue, all of the seats have been sat in. There isn't a cool seat in the room and you must now place yourself where some one else has been gently warming the seat for the last hour. 

From my simple graphic the longer a seat is occupied, the more warmth it collects


     As meetings go, there is nothing worse than a pre-heated seat. Sharing the warmth of some one else's backside with your own is a horrid feeling. Thoughts drift to the temperature of the seat. Did they sweat? Did they {cough, cough} fart? Am I sitting on the last persons fart? These thoughts tend to not enter into the mind while taking public transportation but in the office its a different story. On public transit, it is expected everything is gross, touch nothing and I'm sure someone pee'd there. As a city culture we've grown to make peace with it. In our workplace however we see it as a place of comfort and pre-heated seats violates it.